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Excite Audio's F. A. Q.

Can I try out Excite Audio?

YES! You can try it for a full 14-days with no-risk for just $1.
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What do I get when I sign up?
  • Unlimited use of the ExciteAudio player.
  • Unlimited server space.
  • Unlimited tech support.
  • Bandwidth for up to ~10,000 minutes of playback per month (3GB)
  • Unlimited Record-By-Microphone Service.
  • Unlimited Uploading & Encoding of MP3 files for FREE.
  • A toll-free number for recording-by-phone at membership rates.
  • A toll-free number for my customers to record voice testimonials.
  • An eBay audio tool, so you can easily add voice to your auctions.
  • NEW: Unlimited Audio-Postcards.
  • NEW: Audio-Enhanced Lead Generator Service.
  • No setup fees.
  • All future program upgrades are automatic and FREE.
    Put Excite Audio to work for you today!
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What is the cost if I keep using your service?
If you continue as a member, membership is just $29.95 per month -- the best value in marketing today!
Do you have satisfaction guarantee?
  • Yes, we offer a full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • No long-term contracts -- cancel any time. Top
Do you have any unadvertised specials?
Yes, sign up right now and get UNLIMITED Audio Postcards. What's an audio postcard? An Audio Postcard is a versatile communications tool that will double your business all by itself -- simply because it has the power to triple click-thrus on e-mail campaigns and gets your message across in a way that interrupts a customer's day, and yet builds a relationship at the same time. OK, where do I sign up? add voice to your email
What exactly is Excite Audio?
Excite Audio" is a powerful recording and hosting service that helps YOU easily add audio to your website and e-mails. Top
Why do I want Excite Audio audio-clips on my website or in my e-mails?

You can use voice clips to explain selling-points with credibility and captivate potential buyers. Welcome prospects and invite them to take action, describe products and services, build trust, educate and inform, make your site memorable, increase leads, and increase sales. An audio-clip helps the people who are the most interested stay on your page longer.

For every actual customer you have, there are probably 100 people or more who were interested in your product or service and visited your website but they didn't stay long enough to convince themselves. A buyer needs to have an excuse -- something to tell their spouse, their friends, or even themselves!

A voice audio-clip is an excellent way to keep interested buyers on your site, thinking about your product or service even after they've read everything on your site. If they think about it enough, they will convince themselves and you will have a sale.

You can even have past-clients call in and record voice testimonial-clips. You've no doubt heard some of the voice testimonials on our site, they are very powerful and do a lot to add credibility and build trust. Top

What is the quality of the audio?
The Excite Audio sound is the highest-quality possible in a format that is compressed enough to allow "instant" and smooth playback for *all* listeners. You may have noticed that some web audio sounds tinny or hollow -- not the ExciteAudio player. Top
What should I say in an audio clip?

It depends on your business. For network marketers, consultants and Realtors, it's probably important to use your own voice and your own words. Other businesses may require a completely professional image. In those cases, you'll want to spend some time getting the phrasing perfect and hiring a professional to read the copy.

Some marketers have a theory that it doesn't really matter what you say in the audio clip. That audio will still help you get sales because hearing it is different than reading it.

If you're not sure, you can always go with a simple welcome message and invite the customer to check out certain things, especially limited-time-offers you may be running or a free e-mail newsletter you may have. When your prospects hear a human voice telling them how you have taken such great care in the production or design of your product or service, or how if there's a problem, any problem at all, you'll take care of them, etc. -- then you have a better chance at turning that fence-leaning prospect into a real-live customer. Top

How do I record my audio-clip?

There are four ways members can record their audio-clips.

  1. You can record right over the phone via a toll-free number.
  2. You can use a mike plugged into your computer.
  3. If you have a MP3 recording (we recommend 24kbps) you can upload your file and we will instantly convert it into a streaming audio-clip.
  4. You can hire one of our professional voice actors.
After you finish recording, you get a chance to evaluate the recordings and decide which ones you want to use. To place an audio-clip on your website, all you need to do is copy one line of HTML. You then paste your audio-clip in to your web page or email. It's that simple!
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I understand that I can record as many clips as I want and there are no long-term contracts, is that right?
Yes. You can record as many clips as you want, and put them on as many websites as you own. All we ask is that each company maintains their own account. We've kept our costs low, our quality high, and we've passed the savings on to you. Some businesses only need is one clip. Other businesses use audio-clips for every product or service. Some record a new audio-clip every week to promote specials. Some record a new audio-clip for every edition of their electronic (emailed) newsletter. Some use audio clips in the email that they send to hot prospects. The uses are endless -- after all, making sales is really about connecting with the customer. Top
What if I have my own audio files already?
As stated above if you have your own MP3 files (we recommend 24kbps) you can upload them to our server and we'll convert them to work with the ExciteAudio player in just seconds. Top
What is the customer's experience?

When we were designing our service, we decided early on that nothing is more important than the customer's experience. And so, when a potential customer visits your website, there are no downloads. No special players. No installs. No unwanted pop-ups. Those things would annoy potential customers -- so we don't do them.

When you publish your audio clip, you can decide if you want it to play only when clicked, or automatically every time the page loads. The first things the customer sees when they come to your website is all the normal things -- your headline, your words, and your images. If that gets the customer interested, the customer is going to be hungry for more info, more details. That's when they see the "play message button" -- the same as you've seen on this website.

We do all the hard work and make the experience for the customer a pleasant one. Many members prefer to use the audio clip to connect with the buyer emotionally -- to help them feel comfortable with them as a seller, to give them the education and information they need to convince themselves that your product is the product they want to buy. Top

I'm a marketer, not a computer wiz! Can I do this?
You don't need to be a computer wiz kid, but you, or someone you know, should understand HTML enough to add a line of code to your web page.
I'd like to do this, but I'm afraid my audio-clip will sound unprofessional.
That feeling is understandable. There are two schools of thought on that. Some people believe selling on the web is *not* about being slick and polished. In fact, they believe being slick and polished can turn people off. Other's feel it is worth it to hire a professional to read their words. If you would like to hire a professional voice actor to read your ad copy, we can put you in contact with some of the world's best voice-over artists, at membership rates. Top
I'm going to record these clips myself, any tips?
Selling on the web is about building trust -- building a connection. So just be yourself. Write down what you want to say beforehand, and rehearse it a few times before you do your recording. Talk *naturally* - as if you're in a conversation. There's no rush. Welcome the customer. Tell them what you have to sell, what the benefit is to them, and how you will take care of them. It really doesn't matter what you say... all that's important is that the customer hears you say it -- so they can build up a trusting relationship with you even before their first purchase. Top
Why should I join Excite Audio?
  • Excite Audio is fast. You can literally send out a voice email in less than 60 seconds, or have a voice clip running on your website in just a few minutes.

  • Using Excite Audio is easy. Ease of use is what we are all about, you don't have any programs to load or keep up to date. Everything is done online and is very easy to understand.

  • Excite Audio is powerful. We pack allot of powerful tools into our easy to use interface, so you reap all the benefits.

  • Excite Audio is in expensive. For only a dollar a day you get so many features. Unlimited use of our player, server space, audio tools, audio postcards, etc. (See the full list above.)

  • Excite Audio's up to date technology. Our lead technical engineer worked for Microsoft for over nine years before joining us. It's his talent that has let us provide to you the Internet's leading customer experience. Our team will keep you up to date with the latest advances in audio.

  • Great Customer Service! Our customer service pledge is give you as much help as you need -- as long as you need it -- until you're 100% satisfied Ralph Lauren Polo Men Stripe Shirt. Top

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