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Talking websites build trust and convert visitors into customers so you get a better website ROI.

If you can't communicate by voice with someone, it is all most impossible to build the same level of trust with them. A talking website captures attention and keeps customers on your website longer.

Lets face it when the average visitor only stays on a page about 8 seconds anything you can do to keep them there longer will definitely help improve your roi. Websites with voice also aide those with different learning styles to understand your web site.

Different Learning Styles

When you have a talking website with text and voice, you are more likely to capture the attention of both learning styles, audio and visual, getting a better return on investment from your web site. "It is common knowledge that people retain 20 percent of what they read, and they generally remember 50 to 70 percent of what they see and hear." Do you want your visitors to remember your site?


With more people accessing your website, you want to find a way to make them stick and look through your products. As stated earlier the average person stays on a website for 8 seconds. Within that 8 seconds, they quickly decide whether they want to stay or go on to some other site. I interviewed Dave Brandley, owner of 1on1.net. When he first added audio to his website he had a voice over actor do the recording and he saw no real change in sales. "The voice actor just didn't sound excited", said Brandley. Later he did the recording himself. The recording was admittedly rough and more homespun than the voice over talent, yet he noticed an immediate sales increase of 38.9 percent. Brandley believes that it's because his visitors can hear the excitement and friendliness in his voice. This helps to build trust and capture visitor attention, so that more visitors follow through and make a purchase. In a follow up interview with Mr. Brandley over four months later he reported that the increase in sales had continued, averaging around 34 percent.

If you're still not convinced that a talking website can increase sales so you have a better web site ROI, you can always sample the various audio products that are available. I personally recommend www.ExciteAudio.com. They have some great audio tools that will help you with your web site optimization. You can try out their easy yet powerful streaming audio buttons, including audio buttons for eBay auctions and audio testimonials (an amazing bonus feature), for a full 14 days for only one dollar. Then you will see for your self that adding voice to a web site converts more visitors into customers.

Catherine Duke B.S.

Side bar: It should be noted that voiceover talent can varies greatly and Mr. Brandley's initial problems were partially because of his own in experience, he recommended trying one voice clip and then after several weeks try another you will soon find the one that works for your site. Mr. Brandley told me during our last interview that he has since used voiceover actors with great success on several of his other sites.

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"...I had my first recording up in minutes... sales have jumped over 200%..."
Cory, publisher
"...major advantage for anyone with a web site..." Wayne, publisher of a business magazine
"...adds real credibility... translates to increased sales..." Rick Adams, CostlyOnlineBlunders.com
"...our worldwide responses to these audio tools has been phenomenal..."
Mark, President of a financial services co.
"...I have seen my response rate almost triple ..." Jerry
"...helps to focus attention where I want it...the edge my business needed..." Rocky
"...when they hear the excitement in my voice it makes all the difference..." Dena, ChocoholicsHeaven.com

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