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What is streaming audio?

Streaming audio is live audio received on the internet without downloading it. When you stream audio, it is not saved on your PC, while downloading does save a copy on your PC. Internet radio stations use streaming audio to broadcast. So you are actually hearing the streaming audio while it is being delivered.

How do I use streaming audio to add voice to my website?

You will need to have a MP3 recording (we recommend 24 kbps). Then you can upload your file and exciteaudio will instantly convert it into a streaming audio clip.

If you do not have an MP3 recording, there are still other ways to get your voice on your website. You can record right over the phone via a toll free telephone number. You can also used a mike plugged into your computer. Another option is to hire a professional voice actor. You can evaluate your needs and decide if streaming audio is best for you or if you'd rather use these other three options.

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