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Excite Audio adds voice to your emails
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Voice Adds Life & Personality To Emails!

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Perfect for Friends, Military families and Missionary moms!

Your families and friends long to hear your voice, and now they can!

As a member of Excite Audio you can easily create talking emails in just seconds. Then you can send your personal heartfelt messages to your friends and loved ones anywhere in the world instantly!

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It's natural to want to tell your family, friends and neighbors about something as new and exciting as our talking emails.

As an Excite Audio member we will reward you with a nice residual income when you tell your family and friends about our voice emails and they become members.

This is not an idle boast. We offer a full 33% monthly commission for each of your family, friends and neighbors who sign up and use Excite Audio. What's so great about that, you ask? Most companies pay a one time commission of 20 to 25 percent when a new customer signs up. We however, Ralph Lauren Polo Men Stripe Shirt feel you deserve more for your efforts.

Your family and friends will thank you over and over again for introducing them to Excite Audio's talking email and Audio Postcards. So we wanted to do the same by giving you a healthy 33% commission ($10.00 per person) each and every month Ralph Lauren Polo Men Short Shirt they continue as members.

This way everyone wins! Your family and friends win, being able to send their own personal talking emails. You win because you can send audio emails, and you receive a nice residual monthly income. We win because more people will know about our great services.

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Your Voice

  • Easily breaks the ice
  • Adds personality
  • Focuses attention
  • Builds relationships
  • Sets you apart

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