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Website Tools and Resources

What are some website tools and resources available to me?

The internet is thriving and multiplying every day. People are posting new websites all the time. There are literally millions of them. How can you be certain that your website is among the top 10? How will people remember your site and want to return again and again? There are many tools and resources that can help you to optimize your website. Some examples include articles, tutorials, graphics, optimization companies, and audio. There are so many tools and resources to choose from that you will need to pick out which ones will be most beneficial to your website. The last resource, audio, is essential to creating a fantastic website.

How will audio help optimize my website?

One of the reasons people go shopping to a local shop is that there is a salesperson that talks to you about the products. Well, now shopping online can be just as good. Visitors find your site and are then captivated by a human voice instead of just plain text. The voice can guide them through your products, but most of all, voice captures customer attention and you will have repeat customers. The customers will then tell all of their friends about your convenient and easy to understand website giving you more customers. Website audio tools are a great way to keep the traffic coming to your website.

What are other advantages to having a talking website?

Not only will your talking website capture customer attention, but you will have a wider audience. Now, those with disabilities will be able to understand your website and purchase products if they wish. People with sight problems, dyslexia, reading problems, etc. will now be able to understand your site. You can also feel good knowing that your website is catering to all people. Did you know that it is actually unlawful to provide a service for the general public that is not also available to the disabled? By law, website owners should make their websites accessible to everyone.

How do I get started?

Excite Audio can help you get started right now. For a full 14 days you can try adding voice to your website for only $1 a day. It only takes a few minutes. There are four methods that you can use.

1. You can record directly over the phone via a toll-free telephone number
2. You can use a mike plugged into your computer
3. If you have MP3 recording, you can upload your file and we will convert it into a streaming audio clip.
4. You can hire one of our professional voice actors

So, get started right away and see how adding the powerful tool of voice to your website increases sales and keeps the customers coming back again and again.

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