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How to Break the Communication Barrier

Are you feeling frustrated that customers are spending minimal time at your website? The average person only spends about 8 seconds on a website before moving on to something else. Do you want to discover how you can capture customer attention and keep them there?

What if you could actually talk to the visitors on your website? Well now you can add you own voice (or someone else's voice) to your website giving life and personality to your site. Adding voice will also make it stand out from the other websites keeping your visitor there longer. There is something comforting and reassuring about the human voice. That why voice builds trust and visitor confidence. Voice is a powerful website tool!!

Now that you understand the power of voice, you are probably wondering where you should put voice on your website. There a some prime spots, one of them being your home page. You'll notice that customer curiosity will be captured at the home page and this will lead them to the other pages. Any place you need to describe products, or give instruction. Another place for voice is on your order page. You can guide your customer through the order process closing more sales. Voice on your home page and order page is a MUST!

If you have written testimonials on your site, why not bring these testimonials to life with the voice. When consumers can actually hear the voice of those testimonials, they'll actually listen to them, they can hear that these are real people. Audio testimonials have a much bigger impact on customer conversion.

You will also want to have your voice on your "action" pages. These include your contact page, newsletter sign-up page, or your shopping cart page. When people arrive at these pages, they decide if they want to stay or go back to surfing. Your voice of encouragement on these pages could be the ticket to getting them to stay.

So what are you waiting for? Try Excite Audio's great website audio tools for a full 14 days for only $1. Voice Converts Visitors into Customers!

Add audio to your website today!

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